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I'm a non-binary femme of color. queerdo kinkster. enfp. forever day dreaming of abolishing the white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy and cuddling critters and also potato tacos. I cry literally every time I watch Princess Mononoke and I cry when dogs are too cute.




some helpful reminders about sex workers ♥

If sex workers aren’t selling their bodies, what are they selling?

their time, the sexual experience that they’re having/creating, and the products that they create.

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step over ants
put worms back in the grass
rescue baby caterpillars
release spiders back into your garden
open windows for bees to fly home
they are all little souls that deserve a life too

Dont fuck with them.
Just trust me pls ;~;

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One time i left a party in santa cruz after being told that there were four different banjos in one house.
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